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Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

As a theologian and an energy bodyworker, I have reflected long on questions of faith and the unique gifts and experiences of my practice these past 11 years. I see interesting and mysterious correlations to healing and the seasonal messages of divine birth and the indwelling of spirit. In my work, I see the body’s potential to structurally heal and transform, as equal, to subtle, but significant changes in the heart and the embodiment of a greater degree of light and peace. The body is the mirror and the expression of the heart, both physically and emotionally. Recent scientific studies confirm that the physical heart is affected by human emotion—so much so, that the heart itself changes it

Effective Therapies for Babies and Children

Babies are sometimes born into the world with health challenges developed in utero. They are equally affected emotionally by any trauma experienced within the womb or during labor. Their bodies may evolve early on, with a variety of symptoms suggesting a certain degree of disturbance, constriction and misalignment is affecting their development. Babies and children are very fluid in their bodies and respond well to both visceral and cranio-sacral work. Both therapies are extremely gentle and use a combination of manual and energetic techniques. These therapies are able to decrease stress and angst, which can initiate or support the creation of other systemic conditions. A child’s body will o

Scar Tissue: A Portal to Healing

Scar tissue is a needed friend to trauma and surgery, and yet, it also binds and compresses the body, regenerating itself over time. An overabundance of tissue, when treated, is very dynamic and informative. When tapped into and treated, these overdeveloped areas of the body hold a potential, which can energetically heal and reconstruct the body, relieving patterns of symptoms or conditions. By applying a unique and energetic blend of techniques from two forms of treatment, visceral manipulation and cranio-sacral therapies, the fascial tensions created from scar tissue are relaxed and reintegrated. This deep opening of the body’s structures provides an opportunity for healing many health rel

The Hip Bone IS Connected to the Neck Bone

I’ve come to appreciate the importance and the complexities of working with clients who report a variety of issues related to the pelvis. Most people in the beginning are unaware of their pelvis and how it relates to their body. What I’ve come to appreciate as a therapist is a certain relationship of the pelvis to upper back and neck tightness and low back pain with heaviness in the lower limbs of the body. Pressure from the internal organs, perineum, ligaments and muscles from the pelvic floor transmit heaviness upward and downward from the spine. Low back joints can often adhere to the sacrum for many people. The upper back and neck then compensate for this tightness, creating challenges r

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