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Scar Tissue: A Portal to Healing

Scar tissue is a needed friend to trauma and surgery, and yet, it also binds and compresses the body, regenerating itself over time. An overabundance of tissue, when treated, is very dynamic and informative. When tapped into and treated, these overdeveloped areas of the body hold a potential, which can energetically heal and reconstruct the body, relieving patterns of symptoms or conditions.

By applying a unique and energetic blend of techniques from two forms of treatment, visceral manipulation and cranio-sacral therapies, the fascial tensions created from scar tissue are relaxed and reintegrated. This deep opening of the body’s structures provides an opportunity for healing many health related conditions, as well as providing the means to emotionally heal unconscious grief and trauma. It takes time to move through many layers of life and tension within the body. Physical challenges can be a reflection of a deeper need to heal emotionally, which can lead to rich, transformative understanding and meaning.

The human body moves constantly within a system of tensions, creating balance and reciprocity within the organs, muscles and ligaments attached to the bony structure of the body. These tensions, when not in equilibrium and symmetry, often culminate in pain and misalignment. A person’s mobility decreases, circulation is impeded and pressure builds within the various cavities of the body.

A good example of this phenomena is early head trauma, which is often a catalyst for numerous systemic issues later in life. Head injuries from the womb, or those that occur in developmental years, set the spine off in a direction of unease, affecting the mandible, the membrous tissue of the cranium and other structures. Trauma or blows to the head in childhood or adulthood will alter the rest of the body and can significantly impair function. New research also indicates the possibility of early dementia or Alzheimer’s for untreated head injuries.

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