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My Healing Journey

A guest post by Lori Whidden

My body was shutting down, I was gaining weight, not processing food or water properly, and it felt like my head was going to explode when I exercised. People said it was just the aging process, but I knew better. After trying countless traditional medicine avenues, with Sylvia’s help, I’m finally reversing a 10-year health crisis. Here’s my story.

Up until my 40s, I had amazing energy and great health. Having played college and competitive sports and maintaining a demanding global corporate career, I knew my body and I sensed I was beginning a dramatic change.

In my 50s, within one year, I went from walking the golf course and carrying my golf bag 5-6 days a week to using a push cart for my bag and riding in the golf cart. In competitive events, my golf partner would ask me what she could do. My reply was, “reach down and get the ball out of the hole for me.” I experienced dizziness, muscle tightness, headaches, weight gain, sudden and dramatic decline of my eyesight. These were bad enough, but then my pulse started running at 120-130 resting, I had abnormal mammograms with abnormal fibrous breast tissue, I suffered from digestive issues and many more symptoms. These led me to a gauntlet of specialists including a gynecologist, rheumatologist, allergist and oncologist. Alternative medicine practices like chiropractors, acupuncture, trigger point dry needling, massages, hot compresses, heating pads, etc. didn’t last or tackle the problems. Extensive lab work showed very high immune responses – my body was attacking itself and wearing out my pancreas.

Traditional medicine, through bloodwork, reported that I was NOT celiac or gluten intolerant, and the doctors asked me to pick only one symptom to work on at a time. Finally, my gynecologist recommended a stool sample and genetic testing, which confirmed celiac and leaking gut. Dietary changes, for being cross allergic to gluten, egg, dairy and soy helped, but didn’t get to the heart of it either. Apparently, waiting until it would show up in my bloodwork could result in full-on disease, even a “terminal” diagnosis. It was shocking. It felt like my body just didn’t use food or water properly. Every doctor suggested drinking more water and accepting the “effects of aging.” Not likely! I added more water, but when I logged and reported my daily water intake, my doctor panicked and said to greatly reduce because that much could cause organ damage … yikes!

At the second annual physical with my 4th primary care physician in two years, the doctor reported the “cute little bubbles” behind my ears were still present. Becoming tri-onic (2 hip replacements and a shoulder within 1 year) in my mid-50s proved there was plenty of damage from sports and life, including head trauma from forceps and a crushed shoulder during the birthing process, being accidentally hit in my chin with a baseball bat swung by a powerful adult, being rear-ended by an 18-wheeler in a tiny car, and at least 7 broken noses playing sports and deviated septum surgery in my late 20s. Over time, my symptoms led to massive head drainage issues (headaches, sinus congestion, eye pressure), tinnitus, and dizziness/vertigo. Addressing these problems escalated because my body couldn’t handle the medications necessary to tolerate the necessary surgeries. Having never had major surgery or been hospitalized, I didn’t know what to expect. Post-surgery, my blood pressure plummeted so low that they pulled up the bedside rails and would not administer any pain medication. They even suggested using caffeine to get my blood pressure up.

Insisting that something had to be available that could help finally led to my wonderful partnership with Sylvia. Within 4 weeks, significant head drainage started and relieved the pressure behind both ears – the “cute little bubbles” were gone. Now it’s clear that all the previous trauma in my life caused a build-up of scar tissue that I didn’t know I had. Sylvia’s treatments helped to release inflammation and circulation constrictions throughout my entire body, particularly in the hip and pelvis due to the hip replacements.

My journey with Sylvia is one I am completely committed to. I drive an hour each way for my appointments and diligently do my part with diet, quality water, treatments, and research. My body reveals what’s needed next, and Sylvia adapts the plan and treatments accordingly. Tangible results have had a HUGE impact on my life.

Sylvia’s treatments are far-reaching and have dramatically impacted my health, spirit and mindset. After tackling my initial difficulties, I found that Sylvia’s unique approach could help me with other challenges as well. With her help, I now have:

· improved quality and duration of sleep

· eliminated UTIs and need for preventative medications

· reduced severity of hot flashes

· resolved bloating and weight gain, and

· healed plantar fasciitis of right foot.

My weight finally responds to healthy eating, I’ve dropped 30 pounds, and my body is again using food and water properly. My range of motion and flexibility are back. My energy has improved from a maximum of one hour per day to 10 plus hours.

When I had less than 10% energy, my motion was so severely limited that it was impossible for me to do the simplest tasks like putting on socks. I used a walker for years and endured constant relentless pain. I had the ominous sense that this was only going to progress and get worse.

Now, I have 90% of my energy back in addition to great motion and flexibility – putting on socks and cutting my toenails are easy again! This is not just a reversal of symptoms. It is a RETURN TO HEALTH, and I have a real sense of hope for continued permanent improvement.

I’m grateful for Sylvia’s gift and my resulting new lease on life. The decline and return to health have changed me at a profound level. I will always be seeking opportunities to open doors or load someone’s cart or vehicle that is struggling. We never know what’s going on in someone else’s life. I’m pain free for the first time in my entire life thanks to my two surgeons and Sylvia.


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