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Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

As a theologian and an energy bodyworker, I have reflected long on questions of faith and the unique gifts and experiences of my practice these past 11 years. I see interesting and mysterious correlations to healing and the seasonal messages of divine birth and the indwelling of spirit.

In my work, I see the body’s potential to structurally heal and transform, as equal, to subtle, but significant changes in the heart and the embodiment of a greater degree of light and peace. The body is the mirror and the expression of the heart, both physically and emotionally. Recent scientific studies confirm that the physical heart is affected by human emotion—so much so, that the heart itself changes its shape when we experience loss or trauma. I believe this is also true of the whole body. The whole body is changed by our emotions.

Through my practice, I witness the "de-creation" of a person’s structure, as a surrendering of the pain body’s identity and its hold on the person’s spirit. The body seems to hold hostage the shame of our better angels, and can then, through its own volition, forgive us for being less than who we really are. Like the seasons, the body’s transcendence carries the potential for a new physical and emotional integration and an opportunity for a renewal of spirit.

As a therapist, I’m persuaded and informed by science and also spirit’s potential to inform and expand awareness. As I treat people, I see science and spirit tripping over each other on and through the table. My faith suggests that the body’s falling away of itself is giving birth to more of the Divine that lives within each of us.

Sylvia Boyed, MA, LMT, CST, an energetic bodyworker, working in the bodywork field for 11 years, treats all of the systems of the body, for all ages, with specializations in joint reconstruction, head injuries, migraine headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, hyperactivity, learning disabilities and anxiety.

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