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30 min  |   $50

60 min  |   $75


Pediatric Massage & the Application of CranioSacral Therapy

Pediatric Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a light contact modality focused on responding to the palpable rhythm and movement of cerebral spinal fluid within the spinal cord and brain of babies and children. With a skilled touch and respectful presence, a therapist can assist with the release of lesions which may begin as early as in utero, and other patterns created during the birthing process or postnatally. Early Cranio-sacral work can be a great resource in treating birth trauma as well as preventing behavioral and personality problems.


Combining the traditional methods of a child’s Pediatrician with the pediatric CranioSacral care of a certified therapist can have an increased and long-term positive impact on a child’s overall health or recovery. The addition of CranioSacral to traditional techniques provides a proactive and preventive supplement that is safe and easy on the body.


Most people know and recognize the importance that the early years in a child's life play in setting a foundation for the rest of their lives. But, many do not realize the significant impact that a child can experience while in the womb, during the birthing process and during the first several years of their life. Certain traumas, difficulties and chemical and surgical influences can greatly impact the future life of a child. 

PediatrCranioSacralral therapy has been proven to be very helpful in assisting children to cope with these early traumas; encouraging the body to heal and helping the child realize their human potential and find an improved inner-balance. 


What Conditions is Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy good for?

The physical and emotional consequences of a child's earliest years often appear in diverse ways. These may include:

  • colic

  • sleep disturbances

  • hyperactivity

  • inappropriate social skills

  • headaches and migraines 

  • chronic middle ear infections

  • learning disabilities

  • chronic pain

  • mobility concerns


Pediatric Cranio-Sacral Therapy is also good for the following:

  • genetic disorders

  • autism

  • cerebral palsy

  • developmental delays

  • structural imbalance

  • neurological conditions

  • digestive issues


What About Babies?

Specific to babies, Pediatric Cranio-Sacral Therapy can be an effective treatment for the following:

  • fussy babies

  • babies who won't sleep

  • teething babies

  • breastfeeding difficulties

  • babies who favor putting their head to one side

  • overly sensitive babies

  • babies who strongly dislike tummy time

  • babies who prefer one position and/or breast for nursing


What is a Pediatric Cranio-Sacral Therapy session like?

First and foremost, PCST is a very gentle, non-invasive treatment that seeks to assess the needs of the body and then try to correct and prevent whatever issues may be discovered. 
Children or babies rest fully clothed on a comfortable massage table or on the Practitioner or parent's lap. As the practitioner, I gently touch the child's body to become in-tuned with its natural craniosacral rhythm. Gentle manipulative techniques are used to work on any areas of pain or dysfunction. A treatment may cause a child to express an emotion or cry, but PCST is not painful; pressure almost never exceeds the weight of a nickel (about 5 grams). Most children feel very relaxed during the session and often times sleep for longer sessions post-treatment. During the session, I am always in tune with the needs of the individual child; making adjustments to fit their needs and attention span. Because of this, treatment times may vary. I devote time to truly understanding you, your child, and their needs and takes the time necessary to address their issues. 

As a licensed and certified practitioner, I realize that there is no more difficult journey in life than the one that brings us into it. The birthing process and formative years of a child's life can have a large impact on the future of a child, including disorders, conditions, problems, and issues that may arise. Pediatric Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a great, gentle way to address these issues early in the child's life to encourage healing both physically and emotionally.

I go beyond the treatment itself and provides additional services to assist you and your child. Supporting and complementing Pediatric bodywork, counseling services will be provided as well as education for both parents and children in basic massage techniques, mindfulness and meditation, and the transformative power of the awareness of breathing. These services, along with bodywork, are a structure of gentle learning to calm the mind, bring about clarity of thought, assist children and emotions, connect children with family, friends and life's beauty and wonder.

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