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Effective Therapies for Babies and Children

Babies are sometimes born into the world with health challenges developed in utero. They are equally affected emotionally by any trauma experienced within the womb or during labor. Their bodies may evolve early on, with a variety of symptoms suggesting a certain degree of disturbance, constriction and misalignment is affecting their development.

Babies and children are very fluid in their bodies and respond well to both visceral and cranio-sacral work. Both therapies are extremely gentle and use a combination of manual and energetic techniques. These therapies are able to decrease stress and angst, which can initiate or support the creation of other systemic conditions.

A child’s body will often times heal more quickly with treatment and may be a very proactive investment for that child’s future. Some of the conditions which are treated for babies and children include: colic, sleep disturbance, fussiness, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, neurological conditions, mobility, digestive conditions, headaches and migraines.

Young people are also susceptible these days to head injuries due to sports, and intense tightness and misalignment in their neck and shoulders, being on the phone and computer much of their lives. The neck and shoulders moving constantly forward and angled downward, create changes in the spine that may cause headaches or head pressure, resulting in other conditions, such as vertigo, tinnitus and cognitive changes. Cranio-Sacral and Visceral Manipulation Therapies are very effective in relaxing the spine, calming the nervous system and decreasing pressure in the various cavities of the body.

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