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Specialized in CranioSacral and Visceral Manipulation Therapies, Sylvia Boyed has extensive experience and knowledge in her fields. Combining these two modalities has helped her stand out in the industry of holistic wellness and massage therapy. 


There are many forms of energy work available in our community. Some of the most familiar are Reiki and the use of the Chakra system. What distinguishes my work from these other methods is an organic process of restructuring the body, combining both the physical and emotional body fields of the client’s energetic system and my own. I am able to diffuse and remove the deepest layers of constriction of the body and effectively alter the various organs and systems, where they are compromised. An excess of scar tissue, regenerated within the body, often constricts and compresses the spine and viscera at the deepest levels of the body. When these regions are opened and expanded, the whole of the body changes and acquires greater freedom of movement, circulation, and function. Therefore, my practice, I consider a very functional energetic form of medicine.

There are also levels of consciousness which can only be penetrated through the visceral and fluid regions of the body mind. Over the last ten years of practice, I‘ve observed people‘s lives shift and become more integral as their bodies and spirits heal. I offer a way to heal for those who are seeking not just relief from pain physically, but also for those who may be on a new threshold of discovering who they are.

I offer years of experience in teaching and counseling and I believe this is a great strength I can offer the individual engaged at this depth of commitment to their overall well-being. My experience as a therapist is always one of awe and wonder. I believe there is a science to my work, also profound mystery.

Bio of Sylvia Boyed, MA, LMT, CST


Sylvia’s work with the body is the result of her personal life experience, as well as her ongoing learning, research, study and reflection of the sciences, the arts and spirituality. She has found her own life enhanced through the practice of meditation, yoga and tai chi.  She also has many years of engaging with people of various ages and backgrounds and has been a professional in the fields of education, social work, and theology.

Her scope of practice is the energetic restructuring of the whole body which enables healing to a specific area.  A unique and energetic application of Visceral Manipulation and CranioSacral techniques has resulted in surprising effective outcomes. Sylvia is dedicated to supporting clients through their experiences during the treatment process. Working with a vast number of conditions and people, the past four years strongly suggest physiological changes lead also to emotional changes deep within the viscera leading to self awareness and personal integration.

Completion of Cortiva Desert Institute of the Healing Arts year long program in 2007 enables Sylvia with a comprehensive knowledge of Massage techniques as well as techniques in Reflexology, Massage for Cancer and Lymph Drainage. Her continuing education from 2007-2009, at the New Mexico Academy of the Healing Arts in Santa Fe brings advanced expertise in Visceral Manipulation to her work.  Sylvia is also a certified CranioSacral Therapist, specializing in Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy. Sylvia holds her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Arizona and Masters Degree in Theology from the University of San Fransisco.  She is bilingual in Spanish.

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